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Super Mario Weed Strain

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Super Mario Strain, a weed that’s genuinely out of this world, is what we’re diving into today.

Connoisseurs of cannabis, let’s gather ’round.

The strain promises an adventure akin to the well-known video game character it’s named after, full of high-energy action, fun, and euphoria.

Super Mario strain is the star of this narrative, ready to elevate your cannabis experience to unprecedented levels.

Strain Characteristics
TypeSativa Dominant Hybrid
Genetics30% Indica / 70% Sativa
LineageSuper Silver Haze x Mario Brothers
EffectsEnergizing, Euphoric, Happy, Motivating, Relaxing
FlavorEarthy, Hops, Piney, Woody
THC12 – 18%
CBD0.5 – 1%
TerpenesHumulene, Isopulegol, Pinene, Terpinene
Helps WithAnxiety, Depression, Pain, Stress

Growing Info:

  • Indoor Yield: 1.4 – 1.6 oz/ft²
  • Outdoor Yield: 18 – 22 oz/plant
  • Flowering Time: 56 – 70 days
  • Plant Size: Medium

Please note that these are just general averages, and specific values may vary depending on the grower and the environment in which the plants are grown.

Super Mario Strain Genetics

Who knew that mixing Super Silver Haze and Mario Brothers could result in such a potent concoction?

The Super Mario strain is a high-flying Sativa dominant hybrid (70% Sativa / 30% Indica) that gets its energetic pep from Super Silver Haze, a well-loved strain known for its sweet, earthy aroma and stimulating effects.

Meanwhile, the Mario Brothers strain contributes the comforting Indica genes, adding a hint of tranquility to the otherwise vivacious high.

It’s like if the popular video game characters decided to throw a party and invited all their funky mushroom friends over.

Yes, it’s that fun!

Effects: Energizing, Euphoric, Happy, Motivating, Relaxing


The Super Mario strain sure knows how to make an entrance.

It starts with an intense feeling of euphoria and motivation, like you’ve just had a triple shot espresso, minus the jitters.

As the high progresses, it transitions into a state of relaxing tranquility, making this strain perfect for those days when you need an extra spring in your step without crashing hard later.

It’s like having a helpful little power-up mushroom from the Mario universe, ready to assist you with a level-up whenever you need one.

This strain is all about balance and progression, just like any good video game!

Aroma and Flavor

Just one whiff of Super Mario, and you’re transported into a forest with rich, earthy tones and hints of pine.

The strain’s aroma is woody with a twist, making you feel like you’re in a grand adventure in a mystical woodland.

As for the flavor, it’s a bold mix of woody earthiness, pine, and a touch of hops, creating a unique flavor profile that’s as unforgettable as the time Mario rescued Princess Peach from Bowser’s castle.

The closer you get to the end-phase of the psychotropic effects, the more pronounced the flavors become.

It’s a sensory adventure from start to finish, just like a classic Mario game.

Flavor: Earthy, Hops, Piney, Woody


With a THC content ranging from 12-18% and CBD from 0.5-1%, the Super Mario strain packs a punch without knocking you off your feet.

It’s a well-balanced hybrid that offers a potent yet manageable high, perfect for both novice and experienced cannabis users.

In the Super Mario world, think of THC as the fire power-ups and CBD as the health boosts – they work together to create a well-rounded, enjoyable gaming session.


The Super Mario strain is a treasure trove of aromatic terpenes, with dominant ones being Pinene, Humulene, Isopulegol, and Terpinene.

These terpenes give the strain its unique aroma and flavor profile, filling every puff with earthy, piney goodness and a touch of hops for a well-rounded experience.

Think of terpenes as the quirky characters in the Mario world – each brings something unique to the table, enhancing the overall experience.

And hey, without the unique characters, the game wouldn’t be half as fun, would it?

Helps With: Anxiety, Depression, Pain, Stress

Helps With

Not only does the Super Mario strain make for a stellar recreational smoke, but it also has therapeutic potential that can serve as an added bonus to its myriad of qualities.

Firstly, for those navigating the gnarly terrain of stress, the uplifting and euphoric effects of this strain may serve as a potent stress-buster.

Imagine swapping a day full of anxiety with an adventurous romp through the Mushroom Kingdom – sounds like a good deal, right?

Furthermore, this strain has a knack for uplifting your mood.

If you’re battling with the goombas of anxiety and depression, Super Mario’s cheerful high can act as a shining invincibility star, creating a sense of well-being and positivity.

Finally, for the bravest of the Mario warriors dealing with chronic pain, this strain packs a punch with its potential analgesic properties.

Whether it’s the annoying ache of a Koopa Troopa’s knock or the more severe pain of Bowser’s blaze, the Super Mario strain could provide some much-needed relief.

Remember to treat this strain like any powerful tool in your gaming arsenal: start slow, get comfortable with its effects, and adjust your dosage accordingly.

It’s not about zipping through the level but enjoying the game!

Growing Info

Growing the Super Mario strain can be likened to navigating through one of those pesky underwater levels in the Mario games: it requires a certain level of skill, but the rewards are worth the effort.

Here are some pro-gardener tips:

This strain has a fondness for warm and humid climates (think of the tropical levels in the Mario games).

The ideal temperature is between 68-80°F.

Just like the perfect video game setup, the right environment is crucial for this strain.

The Super Mario strain likes its soil like Mario likes his coins – slightly acidic with a pH between 6-6.5.

Remember, the richer the soil, the better the yield, just like how a pocket full of coins makes for a successful Mario run.

As for the flowering time, our Super Mario strain requires some patience, typically taking about 8-10 weeks to fully flower.

But remember, good things take time, and this is one plant that’s worth the wait.

When it comes to yield, Super Mario pulls out all the stops.

If you’re an indoor gardener, you can look forward to harvesting up to 1.6 oz/ft².

And if you prefer growing your greens under the natural sunlight, Super Mario can offer up to 22 oz/plant outdoors.

Beware, fellow growers, this strain does not perform well in colder or drier climates.

So make sure you’re equipped to provide it with the right conditions.

It’s like making sure you’ve got a super mushroom power-up ready when you’re down to your last life.

Super Mario Strain Flower
Super Mario Strain Flower

Similar Strains to Super Mario Cannabis

In the vast kingdom of cannabis, there are several strains that offer an experience akin to the Super Mario strain.

If you’re keen on broadening your cannabis horizon, take a gander at these similar strains:

Remember, each strain, like each level in the Mario universe, has something unique to offer.

StrainEffectsFlavorGenetic Information
Luigi OGRelaxing, SleepyEarthy, PineUnknown
RockstarUplifting, EnergeticSpicy, HerbalRock Bud x Sensi Star
Bluefin Tuna KushRelaxing, HappyEarthy, SweetTuna Kush x Blueberry
Super KushRelaxing, HappyEarthy, PungentNorthern Lights #5 x Hindu Kush

As we wrap up our Super Mario journey, we hope you’ve found the strain as enchanting and captivating as the game it’s named after.

So why not give it a try and power-up your cannabis experience?

After all, it’s always a super time in the Mario world!

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Review by Nenad Nikolic aka Pralla, a veteran cannabis activist and cultivator, deeply versed in strain genetics and therapeutic applications. Despite legal setbacks, he fervently advocates for legalization, aiming to reshape public discourse and ensure safe, informed use through his platform Pralla.net.