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Ringo’s Gift

Ringo’s Gift Weed Strain

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Ringo’s Gift strain, as intriguing as its namesake, stands out in the cannabis world.

Named after the legendary cannabis activist and CBD pioneer, Lawrence Ringo, this hybrid strain showcases an impeccable balance of 50% Indica and 50% Sativa genetics.

Its origins, a cross between ACDC and Harle-Tsu, hint at its therapeutic prowess.

But it’s not just its lineage that makes Ringo’s Gift special; it’s the perfect choice for those seeking relief without the intense high, thanks to its low THC and high CBD content.

Strain Characteristics
TypeBalanced Hybrid
Genetics50% Indica / 50% Sativa
LineageACDC x Harle-Tsu
EffectsFocused, Happy, Relaxing, Uplifting
FlavorCitrus, Earthy, Lemon, Minty, Piney, Spicy
THC0.1 – 7%
CBD10 – 24%
TerpenesAlpha Pinene, Beta Caryophyllene, Beta Myrcene, Linalool
Helps WithAnxiety, Depression, Headaches, Inflammation, Migraines, Pain, Stress

Growing Info:

  • Indoor Yield: 0.5 – 1.1 oz/ft²
  • Outdoor Yield: 10 – 12 oz/plant
  • Flowering Time: 55 – 65 days
  • Plant Size: Medium

Please note that these are just general averages, and specific values may vary depending on the grower and the environment in which the plants are grown.

Ringo’s Gift Strain Genetics

Ringo’s Gift is a testament to the art of cannabis breeding.

Its genetic lineage comprises ACDC and Harle-Tsu, both high in CBD content, shaping its distinctive cannabinoid profile.

ACDC is known for its low THC and high CBD ratio, contributes to the strain’s therapeutic qualities, while Harle-Tsu, another CBD-rich strain, enhances these effects.

This genetic blend results in a strain with THC levels varying from a mere 0.1% to 7%, averaging around 0.3%, and CBD levels ranging impressively from 10% to 24%.

Effects: Focused, Happy, Relaxing, Uplifting


The effects of Ringo’s Gift are as unique as its genetic makeup.

Users often report a relaxing yet focused experience, making it ideal for daytime use.

It provides an uplifting and happy sensation, steering clear of the intense psychoactive effects commonly associated with high THC strains.

This makes it a perfect choice for those seeking relief without the overpowering high, and for individuals wanting a light cannabis experience.

Aroma and Flavor

Ringo’s Gift offers a complex aroma and flavor profile.

The initial scent is an inviting blend of lemon and earthy tones, intertwined with spicy, minty, and citrus notes.

Upon inhalation, users can detect a piney undertone, which transitions into a delightful combination of lemon and mint on exhale.

This rich array of flavors contributes significantly to the overall appeal and experience of the strain.

Flavor: Citrus, Earthy, Lemon, Minty, Piney, Spicy


The cannabinoid content in Ringo’s Gift is remarkable.

Its THC content is exceptionally low, often below the 0.3% threshold, making some phenotypes compliant with the 2018 Farm Bill.

However, it’s the CBD content that truly sets this strain apart, reaching up to 24%.

This high CBD concentration, coupled with low THC levels, contributes to its therapeutic properties, offering relief without a strong psychoactive effect.


Ringo’s Gift terpene profile adds another layer to its allure.

Dominant terpenes like Linalool, Beta Caryophyllene, Beta Myrcene, and Alpha Pinene play a significant role in shaping its aroma and flavor.

Linalool contributes to the floral hints, while Beta Caryophyllene and Myrcene add to its spicy and earthy notes.

Alpha Pinene offers a refreshing pine scent, enhancing the overall sensory experience.

Helps With: Anxiety, Depression, Headaches, Inflammation, Migraines, Pain, Stress

Helps With

Ringo’s Gift is not just another cannabis strain; it’s a beacon of relief for many.

Its high CBD content makes it particularly effective in addressing a variety of conditions.

For those battling stress, it offers a calming embrace, allowing the mind to unwind from the rigors of daily life.

In the realm of pain management, whether it’s chronic pain or temporary discomfort, this marijuana acts as a natural analgesic, reducing pain perception.

Its anti-inflammatory properties also make it a go-to choice for conditions like arthritis or muscle soreness, bringing much-needed relief.

When it comes to mental health, Ringo’s Gift shines brightly.

Those suffering from anxiety and depression find solace in its soothing effects.

It gently lifts the mood without the overwhelming euphoria that high-THC strains can induce.

Furthermore, its ability to alleviate headaches and migraines is a boon for many who seek a natural remedy.

This strain’s balanced nature makes it an ideal candidate for treating a variety of symptoms, offering a gentler, more controlled experience.

Growing Info

Growing Ringo’s Gift can be a rewarding for both novice and experienced cultivators.

While it presents some challenges, understanding its preferences and requirements can lead to a bountiful harvest.

As a medium-sized plant, it fits comfortably in both indoor and outdoor settings.

Indoor growers should pay attention to humidity levels, as this strain can be prone to developing mold in overly moist conditions.

Adequate air circulation and consistent temperature control are key to nurturing healthy plants.

Outdoors, Ringo’s Gift prefers a Mediterranean climate, loving the warm and sunny days.

However, it’s adaptable enough to thrive in various conditions, provided it gets enough sunlight and is protected from extreme weather.

When it comes to yield, patience and care are rewarded.

Indoor growers can expect about 0.5 to 1.1 oz/ft², while outdoor cultivators can see a generous 10 to 12 oz per plant.

Harvest time is a crucial aspect, with mid-October being ideal for the Northern Hemisphere, and mid-April for the Southern Hemisphere.

Ringo’s Gift Strain Flower

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Each of these strains shares certain similarities, whether it’s in their effects, flavor profiles, or genetic makeup.

Each of these strains contributes uniquely to the world of CBD-rich cannabis, offering experiences that range from uplifting and energizing to calming and soothing, much like Ringo’s Gift itself.

Whether you’re seeking relief, relaxation, or a gentle uplift, these strains offer a variety of experiences to suit diverse preferences.

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In conclusion, Ringo’s Gift is a remarkable hybrid strain, skillfully blending its ACDC and Harle-Tsu lineage to offer a unique balance of low THC and high CBD.

Ideal for those seeking therapeutic benefits without intense psychoactive effects, its ability to alleviate a range of conditions, coupled with a delightful aroma and flavor profile, makes it a standout choice.

Whether for medical or recreational use, Ringo’s Gift symbolizes the innovative potential of cannabis genetics and cultivation.

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