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Purple Punch Weed Strain

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Today, we’ll be diving deep into the sweet, fruity realm of the Purple Punch Strain, a night-time favorite that delivers a knockout one-two punch to the stress and anxiety plaguing your day.

Known for its hypnotizing purple appearance and soothing effects, Purple Punch is like a loving lullaby sung by Mother Nature herself, gently tucking you into a calm, peaceful slumber.

Strain Characteristics
TypeIndica Dominant Hybrid
Genetics80% Indica / 20% Sativa
LineageLarry OG x Granddaddy Purple
EffectsEuphoric, Relaxing, Sleepy
FlavorBlueberry, Cinnamon, Grape, Lavender, Orange
THC18 – 25%
CBD0.1 – 1%
TerpenesCaryophyllene, Myrcene
Helps WithAnxiety, Insomnia, Pain, Stress

Growing Info:

  • Indoor Yield: 2 – 2.3 oz/ft²
  • Outdoor Yield: 60 – 70 oz/plant
  • Flowering Time: 56 – 63 days
  • Plant Size: Medium

Please note that these are just general averages, and specific values may vary depending on the grower and the environment in which the plants are grown.

Purple Punch Strain Genetics

Born from the meeting of two indica-dominant classics, Purple Punch carries a heritage that would make a wine connoisseur blush.

As the luscious lovechild of Larry OG and Granddaddy Purple, it’s a strain that’s royalty in the cannabis kingdom.

Larry OG, with its happy, euphoric high and skunky citrus flavor, brings a much-needed dash of zest to Purple Punch’s genetic makeup.

Meanwhile, Granddaddy Purple, a cannabis monarch known for its grape and berry flavors and relaxing effects, adds a dollop of tranquility to the mix.

The result is nothing short of a masterpiece, brought to us by the artists over at Supernova Gardens.

Effects: Euphoric, Relaxing, Sleepy


One might wonder, what does this indica dominant hybrid have in store for us? The answer, my friend, lies in the effects it brings about.

Despite having an indica to sativa ratio of 80/20, it’s not the sedation that catches you off-guard.

Instead, it’s the surprisingly cerebral high that leaves you floating in a sea of tranquility and euphoria.

Known for its powerful head and body effects, Purple Punch delivers an uppercut to accumulated stress and a body slam to minor body aches.

It also puts the “punch” in Purple Punch, with an average THC level ranging from 18-25%.

The high is both sedative and heady, initially lifting your spirits before softly bringing you down to a relaxed state.

It’s a rollercoaster ride that ultimately leaves you sleepy, relaxed, and in a state of peace, making it a favorite dessert strain for a nightcap.

Aroma and Flavor

One cannot talk about Purple Punch without mentioning its show-stopping aroma and flavor.

The moment you take a whiff, your nostrils are graced by a sweet, grape-like fragrance with a hint of earthy blueberries.

It’s like walking into a vineyard in the peak of summer.

And then comes the flavor.

Oh, the flavor! On the inhale, it’s a fruit punch of grape, lavender, and orange, complemented by a touch of cinnamon.

On the exhale, the vanilla blueberry taste lingers, rounding off with a slightly sour grape candy aftertaste.

Trust me, it’s a symphony of flavors that makes your taste buds dance!

Flavor: Blueberry, Cinnamon, Grape, Lavender, Orange


Purple Punch might seem like a sweet, innocent strain, but don’t be fooled.

It packs a punch with THC levels that can reach up to 25%, enough to send even the most seasoned smokers to dreamland.

The CBD levels range from 0.1 to 1%, which can contribute to the overall relaxing and pain-relieving effects of the strain.


The terpene trio of Purple Punch is a potpourri of aroma and medicinal benefits.

Myrcene leads the charge, lending its earthy, fruity aroma to the strain.

Caryophyllene brings its spicy touch, while Limonene adds a refreshing citrus note to the mix.

Beyond flavor and aroma, these terpenes may also provide a variety of therapeutic benefits.

Helps With: Anxiety, Insomnia, Pain, Stress

Helps With

Beyond its enchanting aroma and flavor, Purple Punch takes the cake when it comes to its remarkable therapeutic benefits.

By delivering a soothing effect, this strain turns out to be a knight in shining armor for those battling the dragons of stress and anxiety.

With the way it gently guides you into a state of relaxation, it’s like a therapist you can grow in your backyard.

For individuals haunted by the specter of insomnia, this indica-dominant strain may help them find sanctuary in the arms of sleep.

Its tranquilizing effects serve as a natural lullaby, charming your eyelids to lower their curtains and welcome a good night’s rest.

Counting sheep? Forget about it when you have Purple Punch.

Furthermore, the strain can be a beacon of relief for those grappling with pain.

Whether it’s minor body aches or chronic pain, Purple Punch may serve as your natural pain relief medication.

Its potent THC levels can work in concert with the body’s endocannabinoid system, potentially easing muscle tension and other physical discomforts.

Finally, anecdotal evidence suggests that Purple Punch may offer relief from nausea.

Those undergoing treatment like chemotherapy, often accompanied by nausea, may find solace in Purple Punch’s gentle caress.

It’s like a gentle sea breeze, driving away the stormy seas of unease from your mind and body.

Growing Info

Dabbling in the fine art of cannabis cultivation? Then Purple Punch should make it to your grow list.

As a medium-sized plant, it fits comfortably in your indoor cannabis garden without reaching out to shake hands with your ceiling.

If you’re an outdoor grower, it easily blends into the green panorama of your backyard.

Now, let’s talk about flowering time.

Patience is a virtue, my friend, but luckily, you won’t need much of it with Purple Punch.

The strain takes about 8 to 9 weeks to flower.

A few patient weeks of care will reward you with stunning bright neon green nugs adorned with red orange hairs and frosty tiny amber crystal trichomes.

It’s like hosting your own little cannabis light show!

The yield is rather generous, which should bring a smile to growers’ faces.

Indoors, you can expect 2 to 2.3 oz/ft².

However, if you’re an outdoor grower, buckle up for a bumper harvest of 60 to 70 oz/plant.

Yes, you read that right.

That’s like hitting the jackpot without setting foot in a casino!

The best part is the ease of cultivation.

Purple Punch isn’t a diva.

It doesn’t demand excessive attention or precision.

Whether you’re a seasoned grower with green thumbs or a newbie just starting, this strain is pretty forgiving.

So, put on your gardening gloves, because Purple Punch is ready to be your next successful grow story.

Purple Punch Strain Flower
Purple Punch Strain Flower

Similar Strains to Purple Punch Weed

Stepping into the grand theater of cannabis can be overwhelming, especially when you’re looking for strains similar to your favorites.

Here are some strains that echo the delightful characteristics of Purple Punch:

Remember, the beauty of the cannabis world is in its variety. Each strain is a new experience waiting to be discovered. So, don’t stop exploring!

StrainEffectsFlavorGenetic Information
Pink PunchRelaxing, Sleep AidFruity, FloralUnknown
Papaya PunchEuphoric, Pain ReliefTropical, SweetPapaya x Purple Punch
Cherry PunchRelaxing, HappyCherry, SweetCherry AK-47 x Purple Punch
Banana PunchCreative, Relaxing, HappyBanana, Sweet, TropicalBanana OG x Purple Punch
Gelato PunchEuphoric, HappyCreamy, FruityGelato x Purple Punch

So there you have it – a deep dive into the sea of tranquility that is the Purple Punch strain.

Whether you’re seeking the sweet relief of sleep or looking to dip your toes into the world of cannabis cultivation, Purple Punch is here to serve.

So light up, kick back, and let this fruit-forward flavor sensation carry you to new heights (or more appropriately, a comfortable low).

Your mind and body will thank you!

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Review by Nenad Nikolic aka Pralla, a veteran cannabis activist and cultivator, deeply versed in strain genetics and therapeutic applications. Despite legal setbacks, he fervently advocates for legalization, aiming to reshape public discourse and ensure safe, informed use through his platform Pralla.net.