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Laughing Elephant

Laughing Elephant Weed Strain

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Prepare to be captivated by the one and only Laughing Elephant strain, a true gem in the world of cannabis.

This extraordinary strain takes you on an unforgettable journey, as if you were embarking on a whimsical elephant ride through a realm of relaxation and euphoria.

Laughing Elephant is the epitome of cannabis excellence, tailored for the discerning cannabis connoisseur seeking a lifetime of exceptional experiences.

So hop aboard, my friends, and let Laughing Elephant guide you to new heights of bliss and delight. This is a journey you won’t want to miss!

Strain Characteristics
TypeIndica Dominant Hybrid
Genetics60% Indica / 40% Sativa
LineageElephant x Laughing Gas
EffectsCreative, Euphoric, Giggly, Relaxing
FlavorBerries, Earthy, Fruity, Herbal
THC18 – 22%
CBD0.1 – 0.3%
TerpenesCaryophyllene, Limonene, Myrcene, Pinene
Helps WithAnxiety, Depression, Insomnia, Pain, Stress

Growing Info:

  • Indoor Yield: 1.6 – 2.2 oz/ft²
  • Outdoor Yield: 21 – 30 oz/plant
  • Flowering Time: 56 – 63 days
  • Plant Size: Medium

Please note that these are just general averages, and specific values may vary depending on the grower and the environment in which the plants are grown.

Laughing Elephant Strain Genetics

When an Elephant fell head over heels for Laughing Gas, the result was an adorable baby – the Laughing Elephant.

This strain has a lineage that’s as delightful as its name.

The union of Elephant and Laughing Gas birthed a strain that brings the best of both worlds: the comforting relaxation of Elephant and the euphoria-triggering abilities of Laughing Gas.

It’s like a perfectly balanced, cruisy hybrid that loves to see you happy and relaxed.

A truly Californian gem!

Effects: Creative, Euphoric, Giggly, Relaxing


Laughing Elephant is the kind of strain that sets the mood for a perfect chill evening.

As a 70% indica and 30% sativa hybrid, it kicks off the journey with a wave of euphoria that sweeps away your worries.

You’ll find your creative juices flowing freely and a gentle giggle ready to burst at any moment.

Just as you’re basking in this mental exhilaration, the gentle giant starts to work its magic on your body.

It nudges you into a state of blissful relaxation without rendering you couch-locked or lethargic.

It’s the kind of strain you’d love to cozy up with after a long day, perfect for those Netflix and chill nights.

Aroma and Flavor

Take a whiff of Laughing Elephant and you’re immediately transported to a tranquil forest with ripened berries scattered all over the forest floor.

It’s earthy, fruity, and exudes a delightful herbal aroma that calms your senses.

As for the flavor, prepare your taste buds for a journey through a meandering forest trail.

The initial earthy taste gives way to a fruity burst, resembling a basket full of ripe, juicy berries with a subtle herbal hint in the background.

Each puff is a treat to your senses, making the experience all the more enjoyable.

Flavor: Berries, Earthy, Fruity, Herbal


Though Laughing Elephant wears a jolly exterior, it knows when to get serious.

This strain boasts a respectable THC content averaging around 18-22%, potent enough to warrant a psychedelic ride in the 5th dimension, yet gentle enough to keep your feet planted on the ground.

The CBD content, though small (0.1-0.3%), plays its part in ensuring a balanced and calming high.

This unique blend of cannabinoids ensures that you enjoy a high that’s as enjoyable as it is soothing.


Ever wondered what gives Laughing Elephant its delightful aroma and flavor? Meet the fabulous quartet: MyrceneLimoneneCaryophyllene, and Pinene.

These terpenes not only serve as the flavor agents but also potentially offer therapeutic benefits.

From potential anti-inflammatory properties to potential mood-enhancing effects, these terpenes truly are the unsung heroes of the cannabis world.

Helps With: Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia, Pain, Stress

Helps With

In the world of medicinal cannabis, the Laughing Elephant is a name to be reckoned with.

It’s not just a fun-filled joy ride; it’s also a gentle giant that might lend a helping hand when you’re feeling down.

Its diverse cannabinoid and terpene profile makes it a potentially versatile therapeutic agent.

For those suffering from pain, whether it’s chronic or a temporary nuisance, Laughing Elephant might just be the relief you seek.

Its potent THC content could work wonders in dulling the discomfort and letting you focus on the more pleasant aspects of life.

Stress, that unwelcome intruder, can also potentially be shown the door with this strain.

It’s hard to worry about tomorrow when you’re feeling so in tune with the moment.

Laughing Elephant could turn your stress into giggles and let you cruise into a calm, peaceful state of mind.

For individuals grappling with anxiety or depression, the euphoric onset of the strain’s effects could offer a temporary escape, possibly uplifting the mood and bringing a sense of contentment.

And when the night draws in and sleep remains elusive, the soothing, relaxing qualities of Laughing Elephant could come to the rescue.

Its potential to relieve insomnia comes from the calming indica influence, gently guiding you to the land of dreams.

Growing Info

If you’ve ever fantasized about growing your own stash, Laughing Elephant might just be the perfect strain to kickstart your cultivation journey.

This strain is pretty much the cannabis equivalent of a green thumb’s dream.

It’s as generous in yields as it is forgiving in care.

Indoor growers can expect yields ranging from 1.6 to 2.2 oz/ft².

That’s a fair bit of laughing matter from every square foot of your grow room!

And if you prefer to go the natural route and grow outdoors, well, prepare for a hearty laugh! We’re talking about 21 to 30 oz/plant.

That’s no laughing matter.


While growing, the plants maintain a medium stature, not too tall to require frequent pruning, and not too short to make harvesting a chore.

The flowering time is 8-9 weeks, giving you just enough time to plan the perfect harvest party.

This strain is quite adaptable, and it thrives in a range of climates, making it an excellent choice for novice and experienced growers alike.

So, get your green thumbs ready and take this jolly giant home.

Laughing Elephant Strain Flower
Laughing Elephant Strain Flower

Similar Strains to Laughing Elephant Cannabis

There’s a vast jungle out there full of fascinating cannabis strains.

If you’re captivated by the charm of the Laughing Elephant, you might also find the following strains quite intriguing:

Each of these strains has its own unique charm, yet they all share the sense of joy, creativity, and relaxation that is synonymous with the Laughing Elephant.

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Remember, just like an elephant, once you’ve experienced the joy and relief that the Laughing Elephant strain brings, you’ll never forget it!

So, step right up, grab your pre-rolls, and let the Laughing Elephant lead you on a memorable journey through the lush landscapes of euphoria and relaxation.

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Review by Nenad Nikolic aka Pralla, a veteran cannabis activist and cultivator, deeply versed in strain genetics and therapeutic applications. Despite legal setbacks, he fervently advocates for legalization, aiming to reshape public discourse and ensure safe, informed use through his platform Pralla.net.