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Fried Lemon Pie

Fried Lemon Pie Weed Strain

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Fried Lemon Pie, a tantalizing strain that lives up to its name.

If your cannabis palette craves a slice of lemony heaven infused with earthy undertones, this strain could be your next favorite.

But what makes it stand out?

Let’s delve in and find out!

Strain Characteristics
TypeIndica Dominant Hybrid
Genetics70% Indica / 30% Sativa
LineageLemon Tree x Trophy Wife
EffectsCreative, Euphoric, Happy, Relaxing
FlavorCitrus, Diesel, Lemon, Spicy
THC20 – 25%
CBD1 – 2%
TerpenesCaryophyllene, Limonene, Linalool, Myrcene, Pinene
Helps WithAnxiety, Depression, Insomnia, Pain, Stress

Growing Info:

  • Indoor Yield: 1 – 1.5 oz/ft²
  • Outdoor Yield: 19 – 24 oz/plant
  • Flowering Time: 55 – 65 days
  • Plant Size: Medium

Please note that these are just general averages, and specific values may vary depending on the grower and the environment in which the plants are grown.

Fried Lemon Pie Strain Genetics

Born from the dynamic marriage of Lemon Tree and Trophy Wife, Fried Lemon Pie offers the best of both worlds.

Lemon Tree brings that zesty citrus flair, while Trophy Wife adds a touch of class with its calming effects.

This genetic masterpiece is 70% Indica and 30% Sativa, giving it a balanced character that appeals to a wide range of cannabis enthusiasts.

The lineage here is more than just a name drop; it’s a promise of quality.

Lemon Tree is known for its uplifting, mood-enhancing qualities, and Trophy Wife is famous for its well-balanced, calming effects.

When these two strains combine their powers, you get Fried Lemon Pie, a strain that’s both relaxing and invigorating, offering a unique blend of characteristics you won’t easily forget.

Effects: Creative, Euphoric, Happy, Relaxing


Light up, and you’re immediately hit with a wave of euphoria and creativity.

Fried Lemon Pie isn’t your ordinary Indica-dominant hybrid; this one’s got character.

It starts with a cerebral high that sparks your imagination, making you feel like Picasso with a paintbrush, or at least, a very relaxed Picasso.

As the minutes pass, the Indica traits start to kick in.

Your body becomes a sanctuary of relaxation, free from the worries of the world.

But make no mistake, this strain won’t put you to sleep; it’s more of a ‘chill on the couch and dive into deep conversations with friends’ kind of vibe.

Daytime or nighttime, Fried Lemon Pie is a versatile companion, perfect for any social setting or solo expedition into your mind.

Aroma and Flavor

Prepare to be enveloped by an aromatic cloud of lemon, citrus, and diesel.

The first whiff is a citrusy tease, but as you dig deeper, you’ll notice the spicy undertones that add complexity to its profile.

It’s like a well-crafted perfume; every layer tells a different story.

As for the flavor, imagine biting into a lemon pie sprinkled with exotic spices.

The inhale is all about that lemony goodness, a tangy burst that wakes up your senses.

On the exhale, you’re treated to a symphony of spice and diesel, leaving a lingering aftertaste that beckons you for more.

It’s an aroma and flavor rollercoaster you’ll want to ride again and again.

Flavor: Citrus, Diesel, Lemon, Spicy


If you’re after potency, Fried Lemon Pie’s got you covered.

This strain boasts a THC content ranging from 20 to 25%, making it a solid choice for both recreational and medicinal use.

The CBD levels, on the other hand, hover between 1 to 2%, adding a subtle but significant balance to the effects.

The high THC concentration translates into powerful effects that can be both invigorating and calming.

The CBD content, although minimal, complements the THC, offering potential therapeutic benefits.

So whether you’re looking to unwind after a long day or seeking relief from medical conditions, Fried Lemon Pie offers a well-rounded cannabinoid profile that caters to various needs.


A complex blend of terpenes graces this strain, each contributing to its unique aroma, flavor, and therapeutic potential.

Pinene, Caryophyllene, Myrcene, Linalool, and Limonene are the predominant terpenes, each with its own set of benefits.

For instance, Pinene offers a piney aroma and potential anti-inflammatory properties, while Limonene contributes to the citrusy scent and may offer mood-enhancing effects.

These terpenes not only dictate the sensory experience but also contribute to what’s known as the “entourage effect,” where the various components of cannabis work in synergy to produce a more potent impact.

It’s a symphony of molecular interactions that make Fried Lemon Pie a memorable strain.

Helps With: Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia, Pain, Stress

Helps With

Fried Lemon Pie is more than just a good time; it’s a therapeutic powerhouse.

The strain is a top choice for those grappling with stress and anxiety, offering a calming embrace for the mind.

It’s the strain you reach for when life’s pressures have you feeling like a squeezed lemon.

The Indica-leaning genetics deliver physical relaxation that can ease muscular tension and stress-related symptoms, making it an excellent option for unwinding after a long day.

But don’t underestimate its prowess in tackling more serious concerns like depression, pain, and insomnia.

The high THC content coupled with a smidgen of CBD creates a balanced effect that can uplift your mood, lighten your mental load, and offer relief from chronic pain.

While it’s not a substitute for medical advice, Fried Lemon Pie is gaining recognition among medical patients for its multi-faceted approach to symptom relief.

Growing Info

Looking to cultivate your own oasis of relaxation?

Growing Fried Lemon Pie is like baking an actual pie; it requires some attention but is ultimately rewarding.

This strain has an indoor flowering time between 55 to 65 days, making it a relatively quick option for those keen on seeing results.

And when it comes to yields, you’re in for a bumper harvest.

Indoor yields can range from 1 to 1.5 oz/ft², ensuring you’ll have enough to share – or not.

Now, if you’re more of an outdoor grower, get ready for a treat.

In an ideal climate, you can expect outdoor yields to range from 19 to 24 oz/plant.

Talk about generous!

The plant prefers warm and sunny conditions, mimicking its natural habitat.

So if you’re planning on an outdoor venture, make sure to consider the climate.

But whether you’re an indoor cultivator or prefer the great outdoors, Fried Lemon Pie is a medium-sized plant that’s pretty forgiving, making it suitable for growers of all experience levels.

And what about those common cannabis-growing headaches like pests and humidity?

Well, like any cannabis strain, Fried Lemon Pie isn’t immune to these challenges.

It would be best if you kept an eye out for any signs of mold, pests, or irregularities in humidity levels.

But don’t stress; a little vigilance goes a long way in ensuring a healthy, thriving plant.

Fried Lemon Pie Strain Flower
Fried Lemon Pie Strain Flower

Similar Strains to Fried Lemon Pie Cannabis

Stepping into the world of Fried Lemon Pie opens doors to a whole universe of similar strains that offer comparable experiences.

Whether it’s the flavor, effects, or genetic lineage you’re after, the cannabis world is your oyster.

And since we’re talking pies, let’s delve into the delicious buffet of strains that share some family traits with Fried Lemon Pie.

Each of these strains brings something unique to the table, be it in aroma, flavor, or effects. But they all share similarities that make them worthy alternatives to Fried Lemon Pie.

StrainEffectsFlavor ProfileGenetic Lineage
Lemon Meringue PieEnergetic, UpliftingCitrus, SweetLemon Skunk x Cookies and Cream
Lemon Cherry PieRelaxing, CalmingSweet, TartCherry Pie x Lemon Kush
Lemon PieEnergetic, Focused, TalkativeCitrus, LemonSkunk #1 x Amnesia Haze x x Unknown Hybrid
Blueberry PieBalanced, EuphoricBlueberry, SweetBlue Dream x Girl Scout Cookies
Lemon Cherry GelatoEuphoric, RelaxedCreamy, FruityLemon Cherry x Gelato
Lemon CakeEnergizing, HappyZesty, SweetLemon Skunk x Cheese

So there you have it, everything you need to know about Fried Lemon Pie and its pie-tastic cousins.

Whether you’re in it for the flavor, effects, or medical benefits, this strain offers a slice of happiness you won’t want to miss!

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Review by Nenad Nikolic aka Pralla, a veteran cannabis activist and cultivator, deeply versed in strain genetics and therapeutic applications. Despite legal setbacks, he fervently advocates for legalization, aiming to reshape public discourse and ensure safe, informed use through his platform Pralla.net.